Partner: MONO Architekten & WTM Engineers

The location around the former cathedral, characterised by the great difference in altitude between the city level and the lower Rhine plain, presents itself today as an orphaned place in the urban fabric. In order to close this gap logically, a finely structured wall, which follows the break in the Rhine plain, forms a new city balcony, which formulates a concise city entrance. On the city level, a new and lively city scenery is created by slightly jumping buildings, which successfully completes the city ground plan. The city balcony itself forms a differentiated open space close to the city centre, which offers an impressive view of the Rhine.


Die Wandscheibe wird aus sedimentären Schichten in Stampfbeton hergestellt. Zuschlagstoffe aus rötlich-braunem Flusssand und Rheinkiesel sind inspiriert von der unmittelbaren Wasserlage des Ortes.